Milli Vaginal Dilator

Milli Vaginal Dilator

Expanding Vaginal Dilator

Milli Vaginal Dilator’s revolutionary technology was designed to help achieve your patient’s goals in the comfort of their own setting. The Milli Vaginal Dilator is an expanding dilator indicated to help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus and related dyspareunia. A dilator for use at home, that expands millimeter-by millimeter, inside the vagina, at your patient’s control. Your patient will only need one single device. Milli is a hand-held size device with a discreet and portable charging case.


  • The Milli Expanding Vaginal Dilator is a tool intended for controlled dilation of the vagina. It can be used for dilation for an examination, in preparation for a surgical procedure, or to help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus and related dyspareunia.


  • Women with active pelvic infections, or women who have open wounds in the tissue inside or surrounding the vagina should not use vaginal dilators. Pregnant women should refer to their physician for guidance prior to use.

Milli Vaginal Dilator Features

Adjustable diameter range: 15mm–40mm
Insertable length: 102mm/4 in.
End-to-end length: 203mm/8 in.
Weight Milli: 5.2oz
Weight of Milli and case: 10oz
Charging cable length: 3 feet
Digital read-out screen to indicate setting
Optional low and high vibration setting
Soft Silicone covering  (not manufactured with BPA)

If you are a clinician, join the Milli Educational Program to learn more. To prescribe Milli for your patients:


Patient Notifications

If you have are prescription, you can register now (this link opens a new window to a new website). Our pharmacy, Carepoint, will contact you to complete your purchase.

If you do NOT have a prescription, download the Rx Form to bring to your physician. If you don’t have a physician, you can find one here. You can register now so Carepoint will already have your contact info when your prescription comes in.

Milli Product Details

If you are a patient and would like to purchase the Milli Vaginal Trainer for general wellness purposes, you can do so using the Buy Now button. Please first see discussion below regarding differences between the Milli Vaginal Trainer and the Milli Vaginal Dilator

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Expanded Milli

Expanded Mill


The main difference between the Milli Vaginal Trainer and the Milli Vaginal Dilator is their indications for use – meaning what they are used for. The Milli Vaginal Trainer is a wellness product that is not indicated for treatment of any medical condition. As such, it is available without a prescription. The Milli Vaginal Dilator is a medical device indicated to help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus and related dyspareunia (painful sex) and requires a prescription. If you are a patient and want to purchase the Milli Vaginal Trainer for general wellness purposes, then you may do so via our store. If you want to use the Milli Vaginal Dilator to help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus, then you will need to get a prescription from a physician.

If you would like to purchase the Milli Vaginal Trainer

Buy Milli Trainer Now


Vaginismus is defined as involuntary tightening or spasm of the vaginal muscles. This spasm can result in painful intercourse (dyspareunia) or prevent penetrative intercourse altogether.

Vaginismus is a “genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder.” The DSM 5 defines genito-pelvic pain / penetration disorder (GPPPD) as persistent or recurrent difficulties with one or more of the following:

  1. Vaginal penetration during intercourse
  2. Marked vulvovaginal or pelvic pain during intercourse or penetration attempts
  3. Marked fear or anxiety about vulvovaginal or pelvic pain in anticipation of, during, or as a result of vaginal penetration
  4. Marked tensing or tightening of the pelvic floor muscles during attempted vaginal penetration.

To meet diagnosis criteria, at least one of these symptoms must have persisted for at least 6 months and cause significant distress.

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