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Vaginal dilation therapy: A practical guide for healthcare professionals

If you’re in the field of pelvic or sexual health, you’re probably very aware that vaginal dilation therapy may help patients who are suffering from conditions or factors causing pelvic floor pain, painful sex, or insertion difficulties.

Healthcare professionals use vaginal dilation therapy as an approach to:

  • Facilitate vaginal muscle relaxation
  • Stretch and relax the pelvic floor tissues and muscles (“train the body”)
  • Promote personal confidence in anticipation of sexual activity (“train the mind”)

But while you may be recommending vaginal dilators as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for pelvic pain and genito-pelvic pain (GPPPD), you probably still have questions. Questions like: What are the treatment paradigms? How do you effectively communicate about vaginal dilation therapy? How do you support patient compliance and adherence?

Read this complimentary Guide, A Healthcare Professional’s Practical Guide to Vaginal Dilation Therapy. Co-authored by a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, and clinical sexual counselor, Dr. Michael Krychman.

This free online Guide will cover:

  • The range of syndromes triggering sexual pain and related debilitating anxiety
  • The types and features of vaginal dilators
  • The scope of support to provide your patients during vaginal dilation therapy

As a bonus, explore data from a 2019 survey of Milli All-in-One Vaginal Trainer users. You’ll learn which features they found most helpful and their strategies for effective vaginal expansion.

Click here to view this free Guide: A Healthcare Professional’s Practical Guide to Vaginal Dilation Therapy.