Techniques and approaches to help your body find its way back

Woman at laptop feeling empowered.

Finding a health care professional who will empower you to overcome pelvic pain, vaginal tightness, and anxiety is important. So is giving yourself tools and knowledge to help you remain confident and fearless throughout your journey. Between you, your mindset, and good clinical care, overcoming vaginal tightness is possible. Your body will know its way back.

Dr. Susan Kellogg-Spadt, CRNP, Ph.D. guest speaks on The V Hive’s recent podcast, The Empowered Patient, which covers:

  • Interviewing your health care professional: why this is important and the best questions to ask to ensure you have the right fit 
  • The mind and body connection and what options to consider for coping with pain, emotions, and relationships
  • Treatment methods you and your provider should consider from pelvic floor therapy, vaginal dilators, and referral patterns
  • Developing an “honesty contract” with your partner(s) and empower yourselves to work through painful sex or penetration difficulties
  • Confidently, proactively, and comfortably communicating with your provider when changes are occurring with your body or when things stop feeling normal 

Whether you are going through your journey alone, under medical guidance, or alongside a loved one or sexual partner, there are approaches and tools to help along the way. You are not alone and your intimate health matters.

Listen to this resourceful podcast here: The Empowered Patient with Dr. Susan Kellogg-Spadt

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