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Expanding with Milli


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When women are happier and healthier, the world is happier and healthier. Read how women are taking control of their pelvic health, one millimeter at a time.
“I was always intimidated and fearful to move up a size with plastic vaginal dilators.”
Valerie, Age 33
4.2 Stars with over 300 ratings
“Milli is very appealing for ease of use. Easy to control the expanding size all in one. I was able to achieve my goals easily.”
Genitourinary Symptoms of Menopause | Lauren, 66
“Excellent product!!! Life changing! I was skeptical but now a believer!! Thank you!!”
Chronic Pelvic Pain | Ashley, 37
“Milli was a game-changer. I had issues for over fifteen years, have never been able to use tampons, and have rarely had successful pelvic exams. Even having some kind of option that might help fix those issues or improve them is huge. The vibration feature is KEY for desensitization, and the combination of that and the incremental expansion is essential. I'm 100% sure I would have made no progress with static dilators, so I'm very glad this exists!”
Vaginismus | Lauren, 29
“Milli has helped me move forward as I overcome vaginismus. The vibration and single-entry has made it easier for me.”
Vaginismus | Devahi, 36
“My cervix was complete closed, and I was diagnosed with hematometra as a result of radiation. Hematometra is no longer visible on imaging now after I’ve used Milli for a while.”
Vaginal Stenosis | Olga, 47 years old
“The level of control women have, their ability to monitor progress, and the vibration feature make Milli a superior product to static dilators.”
Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Center | Stephanie Prendergast, MPT
“Milli is very unique. It works really well and the vibration feature is important for blood flow enhancement.”
New York Medical College | Alyssa Dweck, MS MD FACOG
4.2 Stars with over 300 ratings
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Gradual expansion and vibration explained by Stephanie Prendergast, MPT


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