Dilators: A role in sexual pleasure and pelvic pain treatment plans

Dilators (vaginal dilators, vaginal trainers, vaginal spacers) have been used for various treatments – from painful sex to sexual pleasure – for over 75 years. In fact, the first documented use was in 1938 for the treatment of vaginal agenesis, a rare disorder when the vagina is not or is partially developed. Although this first-in-use started as a glass dilator, it was still the ideal nonsurgical approach to help stretch and open the vaginal canal.

Vaginal dilators have become more understood over the years and come in different sizes, material, shapes, and as static (size-by-size) or continuous (expandable).

Women who come across vaginal dilators often experience these during vaginal dilation therapy with their pelvic physiotherapist or gynecologist due to symptoms/conditions. Also, women who self-diagnose find vaginal dilators as an “over-the-counter” solution for their specific needs.  

Vaginal dilators may play a critical role in the treatment paradigm for overcoming painful sex, vaginal tightness, vaginal insertion discomfort (caused by scar tissue, involuntary tightening, etc.), vaginal dryness, and even urinary incontinence. Additionally, dilators may help with sexual pleasure and intimate health when discomfort is present or when needing to self-stimulate.

In a webcast by Contemporary OB/GYN, a discussion on Vaginal Dilators 101 with Dr. Michael Krychman occurs. This webcast is a preceding discussion in preparation for his featured article “Vaginal Dilators: A guide for health care professionals”, a full, peer-reviewed article on vaginal dilators and their roles and uses. Dr. Krychman is a gynecologist who specializes in sexual health and survivorship medicine.

View the full webcast now to further understand the role of vaginal dilators:

Vaginal dilators play a vital role in the treatment of women experiencing pelvic or sexual pain. As further research and evidence-based clinical outcomes progress, the role of vaginal dilators for pelvic pain treatment and sexual health will gain in popularity. If you are experiencing vaginal tightness, vaginal dryness, painful sex, or penetration discomfort, ask your healthcare professional if vaginal dilation therapy is right for you.

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