Helpful tips for comfortable vaginal dilation sessions

Vaginal dilators may seem pretty intimidating at first. The word “dilate” means to expand, and in this case, expanding the vaginal canal. After suffering from painful tightness, women can feel fear and anxiety at the thought of expanding already sensitive vaginal tissue. We recommend instead to think of vaginal dilation therapy as the stretching and relaxing of the pelvic muscles themselves. This stretching and relaxing, much like with any other muscle group, allows for pelvic muscles to return to functioning in the way they are intended – to expand and contract in a natural, pleasurable way. For women suffering from vaginal tightness or vaginal dryness during sexual activity, dilators are a popular solution without the added costs or dependencies that result from medicines and surgeries. Vaginal dilation therapy may bring intimidation and a feeling of discomfort to something different or new. Rest assured, there are a number of ways to make the process easier. 

In Milli’s Peer & Pro Tips, Shelby Hadden of Tightly Wound and Stephanie Prendergast, MPT and co-founder of Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center, share best practices and advice about how and when someone dilates.

Peer Shelby Hadden and Pro Stephanie Prendergast say there are a few tips for a more comfortable and successful dilation session:

  1. Find a spot in your routine for dilation that you can do at the same time every day.
  2. Make sure you are in a comfortable and relaxing space.
  3. Try distracting yourself; Shelby suggests watching a TV show while dilating.
  4. Dilating may feel uncomfortable. If, however, pain increases during the session instead of decreasing or staying the same, you should consider stopping. If the pain persists, talk with a doctor or specialist about what you are experiencing for further guidance.
  5. If using Milli, try turning on the vibration setting before inserting the dilator to help soothe and relax the muscles.

Pro Stephanie Prendergast also shares promising survey research from Milli published in 2019. The survey shows of 239 women surveyed, who used Milli for vaginal dilation therapy, they saw the most improvement by doing the following:

  1. Used Milli more than five days per week
  2. Used Milli for longer than 20 minutes
  3. Used Milli’s vibration feature during their sessions
  4. Used meditation and calming techniques as part of their process

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View the Peer & Pro Tips video on how and when someone dilates.

The most important tip to remember? There isn’t one right way to dilate. Everyone’s body and circumstance are unique and so are their individual goals. Therefore, the process of overcoming or achieving goals varies. Do what you feel is best for you and what you can routinely maintain throughout your process. In this process, small progress is still progress.

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