Collective trauma and realizing your exposure to it

Whether we are collecting trauma from a pandemic or the emotional journey when overcoming painful sex, it is sometimes not realized how often we are exposed to collective trauma.

What is collective trauma

Collective trauma is formally defined as a phycological reaction to a cataclysmic event that disrupts the fabric of society. There are many things that come from collective trauma. Events like natural disasters, war, political rifts, trauma inherited from family, and so on.

Emotional effects of collective trauma

Sadness, anger, fear, shame, and anxiety are all attributed from collective trauma. We adapt as humans to situations, which can result in numbness, guilt, or restlessness. These feelings are shared and normal to feel.

Collective healing is critical

If we do not consciously recognize our feelings or the events impacting our emotions, healing and recovery is difficult to address or overcome. Repressing these feelings may result in exaggerated neuro-biological changes, altering the mind-body connection. Compulsive behaviors, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression, and withdrawal have been found to result from this.

Collective trauma workshop

In partnership with Truth Catalyst, Milli hosted a workshop about collective trauma. This recorded workshop is a one-hour discussion teaching about collective trauma and goes through a short but intimate Somatic Journey. The collective trauma workshop gives basic awareness on recognizing the types of trauma collected and a short somatic healing journey on collected trauma (emotional, experiences, physical, direct, or indirect, etc.).

Watch the one-hour recorded Collective Trauma Workshop here.

Milli believes in the mind-body connection. This #selfcaresunday series by Milli is one effort to support collectively-shared trauma many women may have from painful sex, chronic pelvic pain, and vaginal insertion difficulties.

Having effective resources, products, and emotional or self-care is key for sustainable vaginal dilation therapy outcomes. When women are happier, the world is happier.

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