Reasons for vaginal tightness or looseness – focus on the pelvic floor

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The female anatomy is beautifully designed, yet not commonly discussed. When our vaginas feel unusually or painfully tight, or loose and inelastic, there are often simple and explainable reasons. The muscles that we sense as tight or loose are what doctors refer to as the “pelvic floor muscles” and what may create pelvic floor dysfunction. Yet, women don’t always use …

Vaginal atrophy from low estrogen: At-home treatments and remedies

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Low estrogen may occur in women over 40, which is also a sign of the transition stage towards menopause, called perimenopause. But did you know a drop in estrogen levels can occur in women at any age after puberty?

Painful sex: Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner

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In Milli’s Peer & Pro Tip, Peer Shelby Hadden and Pro Stephanie Prendergast share advice and expertise about why women experience painful sex and how they can get help.

Why does sex hurt so much?

If you experience penetration difficulties that hurt or cause discomfort, please know you’re not alone. Estimates vary, but studies say that as many as 20 percent of women have pain during vaginal penetration. That’s 20 percent too high. “Dyspareunia” is the medical, catch-all term for conditions that cause pain during intercourse, but that word seems too clinical in light of …