Gradual sizing refers to the incremental size adjustments that occur from the wand area of Milli, which increases and decreases in diameter size. This feature allows the user to single insert Milli and gradually achieve the desired size instead of re-inserting different sizes. The sizing, by use of plus and minus buttons, is millimeter-by-millimeter and controlled by the user.

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Should I rotate Milli when it is inside me or just leave it?

We recommend using Milli in a way that is most comfortable for you. Rotation is not necessary when using Milli. Insert Milli to a depth that feels right to you and increase size-by-size at your own pace.

Can I use Milli while I’m on my period?

Yes. You can use Milli at any time. We recommend washing with soap and water after each use and ensuring Milli is dry before storing.