Frequently Asked Questions


What does gradual, adjustable sizing mean and why does it matter?

Gradual sizing refers to the incremental size adjustments that occur from the wand area of Milli, which increases and decreases in diameter size. This feature allows the user to insert Milli once at the smallest size and gradually reach the desired sized without the need to reinsert various trainers. The sizing, by use of plus and minus buttons, is millimeter-by-millimeter and controlled by the user.

Should I rotate Milli when it is inside me or just leave it?

We recommend using Milli in a way that is most comfortable for you. Rotation is not necessary when using Milli. Insert Milli to a depth that feels right to you and increase size-by-size at your own pace.

Can I use Milli while I’m on my period?

Yes. You can use Milli at any time. We recommend washing with soap and water after each use and ensuring Milli is dry before storing.

Can I use lubricants with Milli?

You can use water based lubricants. However, Milli is enclosed using a silicone material, which means you cannot use a silicone based lubricant with Milli. 

How long before intercourse should I use Milli?

Consider using Milli as part of foreplay or minutes before intercourse. Milli is to be used at your own pace when and where you feel most comfortable. Just relax, breathe, and see if collaboration with your partner enhances your experience.

Would it be beneficial to use Milli before intercourse?

Users have shared they have included their partner while using Milli. Milli can be used as preparation before intercourse with or without your partner as you see fit.

Is Milli for foreplay or masturbation?

Milli can be a helpful part of foreplay. If Milli feels good for masturbation, we encourage you to take advantage of that pleasure.

Is Milli BPA Free?

Milli uses a Silicone which inherently is BPA Free.


I would like for this to be a discreet purchase and receipt. How does Milli ensure that?

Milli will be sent to you in a brown mailing box with zero markings. When you open the package, you will find that Milli comes in a plain, non-marked white box. Milli also comes with a discreet charging case to help keep this discreet for as long as you own a Milli.


What's your return policy?

You have 30 days to use Milli and see if it is right for you. Returns require proof of purchase. Once we have received your return, we will refund the product price to your original form of payment.

Does Milli have a warranty?

Claims on the 1 - Year warranty requires proof of purchase from Milli within the warranty period. Email should you experience any Milli product-related issues within this warranty time period.

Does Milli guarantee the quality of the product?

Milli has a 5-Year Quality Guarantee. If you find your product is faulty outside the warranty period, or you have lost your proof of purchase you can claim on this warranty. You will then be entitled to a 50% discount on a new Milli, limited for one-time use only.

How do I initiate a return?

You can start the return process by visting our "Returns Center".


Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes. Every purchase of Milli comes with free shipping.

How long before I receive my Milli?

We ship within 24-48 hours (EXCEPT WEEKENDS). Plus transportation time, you should receive your Milli within 3-10 days.

Q&A With A Milli Customer

Learn what one of our customers, a 20-year old thriving female, has to say about Milli and her successes using it. 

Almost daily we receive questions, success stories, and positive affirmations about Milli, the all-in-one vaginal trainer.  

What was it like before you found Milli?

Before I found Milli, I was seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist due to pelvic pain. She recommended investing in vaginal dilators to help loosen and stretch the muscles. This is when I began looking for dilator options.

How did you come about finding Milli?

I found milli by doing online research. I personally did not like the thought of having and storing multiple vaginal dilators. I researched if there was an expandable option and came across Milli!

What do you think about Milli?

I believe Milli is a wonderful tool for pelvic health. Many women do not truly understand the complexity and different disorders of the pelvic floor. Milli offers solutions to help treat a variety of conditions. For example, you can use the Milli as a massager by turning the vibration setting on, you can use the wand part of Milli to release trigger points, and you can use Milli for vaginal stretching by increasing the size (1-millimeter increments).

What made Milli stand out against other solutions on the market (vaginal dilators, pelvic wands, lubes, etc.)?

Milli features multiple functions, all-in-one.

What is the single most important thing you value about Milli?

The single most thing I value about Milli is the ability to expand inside without removing it from the vagina.

What other solutions have you considered before Milli?

I have considered and purchased silicone vaginal dilators around 2-3 months ago to assist with leaving dilators in for long periods of time.

What were any obstacles that prevented you from buying Milli?

Originally the cost was challenging for me. After using I do believe it’s worth the price, because it offers so many features!

Now that you have used Milli, what is the most important thing you can do that you couldn’t do before?

I am able to expand with this vaginal trainer. Before Milli, even insertion was painful.

How would you feel if you couldn’t use Milli again?

If I couldn’t use Milli again, I would be disappointed and frustrated. There are not enough innovative companies and products for women’s pelvic floor health.

What made you happiest about working with Milli?

The best thing about their brand is the wonderful customer service experience!

If you were in charge of Milli, what would you change?

My number one recommendation would be to make the base lighter or balance the weight of the device. I understand that it is electronic so it will be heavier than the average dilator. In my opinion, it’s too heavy for women with a problematic pelvic floor to leave it in place without supporting it with their arms or pillows. Most doctors and physical therapists recommend dilators to be left in 10 to 20+ minutes, so it’s challenging to hold and balance Milli for that long. Most traditional or silicone dilators are able to be left in without support, but then again, they can’t expand and contract like the Milli!

What would be the main reason you would recommend Milli to someone else?

In the beginning, it’s tempting to think “Oh I can just buy this one size…” but in the end, you’ll have to buy a bunch of dilators or products and you spend the same amount anyway.  Instead of buying an entire set of dilators or multiple products, you can start by only having one.

How would you describe Milli to someone else?

Milli is has a silicone-covered wand that expands and contracts in your vagina. You are in full control of how much or how little you would like to expand the wand. You are able to track your progress with the wand, by seeing the digital number readout.

Is there anything else you would like to say about Milli?

Just want to say thank you to everyone involved with creating Milli! I hope more companies follow your lead for supporting women with this problem, which many of us face.

Milli is proudly helping thousands of women feel empowered to overcome vaginal tightness and vaginal dryness in a convenient, comfortable, and easy way. 

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What if the power dies?

Milli needs to charge. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet.

What if Milli does not turn on?

Milli may need to charge. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet. If Milli still doesn’t turn on after charging, please contact support@milliforher.comfor further assistance. 

What if Milli is OFF, but not fully back to its original size?

Milli’s battery is probably dead. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet.

What if Milli feels warm?

It is normal for Milli to get warm during use or after being used for an extended time. Should you find Milli overheating and impacting the way it operates, please contact for further assistance. 

What if Milli isn't responding when I push up or down?

Milli may be responding to earlier commands. Wait for the device to stop moving, then re-enter your (+) or (-) command by pushing the desired button.

What if Milli won't charge?

Make sure Milli is nested correctly in the case and the charging prongs are touching the contacts on the case. You shouldn’t need to use force to properly cradle Milli.

What if I press (+) and Milli is making noise but won't expand?

Please contact