Frequently Asked Questions


Should I rotate Milli when it is inside me or just leave it?

We recommend using Milli in a way that is most comfortable for you. Rotation is not necessary when using Milli. Insert Milli to a depth that feels right to you and increase size-by-size at your own pace.

Can I use Milli while I’m on my period?

Yes. You can use Milli at any time. We recommend washing with soap and water after each use and ensuring Milli is dry before storing.

Can I use lubricants with Milli?

You can use water based lubricants. However, Milli is enclosed using a silicone material, which means you cannot use a silicone based lubricant with Milli. 

How long before intercourse should I use Milli?

Consider using Milli as part of foreplay or minutes before intercourse. Milli is to be used at your own pace when and where you feel most comfortable. Just relax, breathe, and see if collaboration with your partner enhances your experience.

Would it be beneficial to use Milli before intercourse?

Users have shared they have included their partner while using Milli. Milli can be used as preparation before intercourse with or without your partner as you see fit.

Is Milli for foreplay or masturbation?

Milli can be a helpful part of foreplay. If Milli feels good for masturbation, we encourage you to take advantage of that pleasure.


I would like for this to be a discreet purchase and receipt. How does Milli ensure that?

Milli will be sent to you in a brown mailing box with zero markings. When you open the package, you will find that Milli comes in a plain, non-marked white box. Milli also comes with a discreet charging case to help keep this discreet for as long as you own a Milli.


What's your return policy?

Due to the use and nature of our product, we do not accept returns but can replace your Milli should a function not perform properly. Milli comes with a 1 year warranty.

Does Milli have a warranty?

Claims on the 1 - Year warranty requires proof of purchase from Milli within the warranty period. Email should you experience any Milli product-related issues within this warranty time period.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes. Every purchase of Milli comes with free shipping.

How long before I receive my Milli?

We ship within 24-48 hours (EXCEPT WEEKENDS). Plus transportation time, you should receive your Milli within 3-10 days.


What if the power dies?

Milli needs to charge. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet.

What if Milli does not turn on?

Milli may need to charge. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet. If Milli still doesn’t turn on after charging, please contact support@milliforher.comfor further assistance. 

What if Milli is OFF, but not fully back to its original size?

Milli’s battery is probably dead. Place Milli in its case and plug the case into an outlet.

What if Milli feels warm?

It is normal for Milli to get warm during use or after being used for an extended time. Should you find Milli overheating and impacting the way it operates, please contact for further assistance. 

What if Milli isn't responding when I push up or down?

Milli may be responding to earlier commands. Wait for the device to stop moving, then re-enter your (+) or (-) command by pushing the desired button.

What if Milli won't charge?

Make sure Milli is nested correctly in the case and the charging prongs are touching the contacts on the case. You shouldn’t need to use force to properly cradle Milli.

What if I press (+) and Milli is making noise but won't expand?

Please contact