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5 Top causes of low estrogen and low sex drive for women

Low estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and painful sex, the not-so-iconic symptoms for women in menopause. But did you know that low sex drive and low estrogen levels can happen at any stage of life – not just for menopausal women? Although hormonal changes are often a direct correlation with low estrogen and low libido, there are other reasons a low sex drive may result.

Here are some common reasons for women:

Mind-Body Connection with Vaginal Muscle Contraction

Discomfort During Penetration

When low sex drive occurs – no matter the reason – the mind can also interfere and create an involuntary vaginal muscle contraction (leading to vaginismus) creating discomfort during penetration. Over time, sex can become not only uncomfortable but also painful. No matter the reasons, with the right information, resources, and tools, returning to a healthy and pain-free sexual lifestyle is possible.

Why Low Estrogen Levels Can Cause Low Libido

What We Can Do About It

In The V Hive’s podcast, Why Low Estrogen Levels Can Cause Low Libido and What We Can Do About It, practicing gynecologist and esteemed author Dr. Alyssa Dweck discusses the various causes of low estrogen levels, why this can cause low libido and what can be done about It.

This podcast covers:

  1. The top five things that can cause low estrogen, which leads to low libido and a low sex drive for menopause, perimenopause, and women of any age for that matter.
  2. Techniques, approaches, and supplements that may help overcome or manage the side effects of low estrogen like painful sex and vaginal dryness.
  3. Mechanical solutions like vaginal dilators (or vaginal trainers) to stretch the opening and depth of the vagina to help vaginal muscles and blood flow while encountering penetration discomfort or painful sex. 
  4. At-home, free remedies like meditation or the Mediterranean diet that can help boost the libido naturally and keep the sexual drive thriving amid low estrogen levels. 

Overcoming vaginal dryness, painful sex, or low sex drive won’t get solved in 10-15 minutes, even with a healthcare professional involved; however, it is something you can overcome with the right tools and resources in place over time. Knowing that you are not alone in this process is a good start, and with the right information and practices, recovery is possible. 

Listen to Why Low Estrogen Levels Can Cause Low Libido and What We Can Do About It and get started on your way to better intimate health.

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