Who We Are

Materna Medical, maker of Milli, is an OBGYN medical device company. We empower women to protect and restore their pelvic health.

Milli was developed by a team of innovators from The Biodesign Program at Stanford University and in collaboration with some of the world’s top gynecologists specializing in women’s health and intimate needs. Milli’s team of engineers, physicians, and pelvic physical therapists wanted to create a gentle, gradually-expanding product that is easy to use, comfortable, and convenient for women of all ages.  

The name Milli originates from it being able to train your vaginal & pelvic muscles 1 Millimeter at a time.

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Stan for Byers Center for Biodesign

Collaboration with Stanford Biodesign

Milli was born out of a collaboration between Stanford
Biodesign engineers and the world’s top OBGYN and pelvic pain physical therapists.

Making the World Better for Women's Health

Milli is part of Materna Medical's Fast Company
"World Changing Ideas" 2021 award for healthcare innovations.

Fast Company World Changing Ideas

How Milli Can Help

Milli empowers women to restore their emotional and physical intimacy.

Milli and The Medical Community

Milli is featured in many medical journals and sites where professionals learn about new treatments.

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